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It is important to have a detailed inventory for all of the items in your home. If you have antiques, heirlooms, or simply belongings that you cherish, proof of their existence is important when making an insurance claim. There are many different ways that you can catalog the items that you own. READ MORE >>

Which cars are the cheapest to insure? As a rule of thumb, lower value cars with good safety ratings tend to attract lower insurance premiums. In contrast, high-performance sports cars and luxury brands often end up costing their owners dearly. A recent survey carried out on behalf of Insure. READ MORE >>

Just because you have an accident, doesn't mean that your insurance provider will pay out. Insurance companies offer you protection with the premise that you will obey traffic law and keep your car safe from theft and damage. READ MORE >>

With an increase in the purchase of electrical equipment ranging from smartphones and portable tablets to laptops and digital cameras, there is a greater risk of suffering a loss on these items through accidental damage and theft. READ MORE >>

As energy costs continue to rise, it makes sense to find strategies to reduce heating costs for your home. Here are some tips that are cost effective and will take you relatively no time to set up, where even small modifications will result in savings this winter. READ MORE >>

Uninsured and underinsured coverages can sometimes be confusing to people. There is a high probability that there are some uninsured and underinsured motorists among the 11.5 million residents in the Buckeye state.  Unfortunately, even with the risk of criminality, it’s what people do. READ MORE >>

Do you have a teen child that needs to be added to your policy? Here are some tips to help you keep your car insurance rates as low as possible. It is widely known that teens are more expensive to insure. And for good reason too. They are a higher risk to insurance companies, but there are some things you can do to minimize those costs. READ MORE >>

More than ever, consumers are looking at price as the chief consideration when making buying decisions.  This is understandable given the economy, but it’s also very dangerous.  If you only look at pricing, you’re not going to get any more protection than the State of Ohio, or your bank or mortgage company requires. READ MORE >>

In Ohio, if you own a vehicle, you must either have liability insurance or some other proof of financial responsibility, to comply with the State’s law. Many people don’t realize that it is illegal for the vehicle owner to allow another person to drive their car without proof of liability insurance or proof of financial responsibility. READ MORE >>

Home and Auto insurance premiums in Ohio are partly determined by your insurance score.   An insurance score is not a credit score.  It is a predictive model that tells an insurance company how likely you are to have a claim. READ MORE >>

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